The purpose of this role is to competently write, modify, refactor, debug, troubleshoot and test new or existing systems of medium to high complexity and scale, ensuring that the code functions reliably and optimally.

Duties &Responsibilities

  • Configure and create technical components and services required to deliver within required business features and frameworks
  • Analyse and understand business requirements on medium to high complexity projects in the context of the current business environment in conjunction with Product Manager, Business Analysts and Solution Architects.
  • Complete deliverables and develop and maintain documentation according to agreed plan throughout the software development life cycle on medium to high complexity projects and maintain source base. Understand and confirm system requirements with Systems Analyst and document accordingly.
  • Create conceptual, logical, and physical solutions and write clean, scalable code on medium to high complexity projects using appropriate coding techniques, methodologies, and programming languages.
  • Provide specialist technical input and identifying suitable coding solution(s) and alternatives according to organisational frameworks, development principles, and quality compliance standards and criteria that address business needs/stakeholders’ requirements, solution delivery and operations areas.
  • Coordinate requirements with systems designer and other developers.
  • Work within the frameworks of both waterfall SDLC and Agile (SCRUM) methodologies.
  • Work independently to deliver optimal and reliable solutions and functionalities, create, and test software prototypes and develop client displays and user interfaces on medium to high complexity projects, in line with Shoprite standards.
  • Work within and guide junior programmers to work within the frameworks of both waterfall SDLC and Agile (SCRUM) methodologies.
  • Provide specialist technical knowledge and advice to team, IT, and internal stakeholders. 
  • Partner with stakeholders across multiple projects to ensure clear understanding of program and project goals and needs and execute on delivery requirements. Actively participate in the success of the deployment and follow through until the production stage is reached.
  • Ensure successful deployment through the respective quality gates, perform code reviews and QA changes as requested, detect critical deficiencies and recommend improvements.
  • Identify, prioritise, and proactively mitigate project risks.
  • Perform and guide unit testing of developed programs and functions.
  • Set up and maintain technical infrastructure.
  • Provide specialist technical support to the development team, IT, and the business (external and internal stakeholders). 
  • Research and actively share insights and information with relevant stakeholders and team to inform collaborative efforts and continuous improvement.
  • Work within organisational frameworks, processes and best practices.

DesiredExperience & Qualifications

  • Diploma /Degree in Information Systems / B.Sc. Computer Science (or similar) 
  • Demonstrable practical knowledge and experience within Cloud
  • Demonstrable practical knowledge of / Certified in SQL 
  • Associate Certification in cloud technologies 
  • +4 years’ experience as a Programmer 
  • Diverse and progressive experience in general software development.
  • Experience of working on projects within the Software Development Life Cycle 
  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in the following:
  • Complex Code review and code quality
  • Cloud Services, preferably Azure or AWS (S3, CloudFormation scripts, Lambda’s, SES, SQS and step functions) 
  • Agile Development, SCRUM, or Extreme Programming methodologies 
  • General networking and security principles and requirements
  • Experience in a retail environment 



We receive an overwhelming response to our adverts and it is not possible for us to speak to each applicant.  Therefore, your CV will be doing your talking, so please make sure your CV and introduction clearly shows how you match the requirements of this role.

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