Our client is in need of a Data Scientist who has a passion for developing their skills in the art of Data Science, requiring a combination of technical, analytical and communication skills to infer meaning from data and translate these in a concise and cohesive story.

Duties &Responsibilities

  • Work with project-assigned stakeholders to identify business requirements and model and frame business scenarios that are meaningful and that answers key business questions.
  • Work closely with Senior and/or Lead Data Scientist to translate business requirements into fit-for-purpose, robust and scalable solutions. 
  • Develop, validate and execute basic algorithms and predictive models to collect, merge, analyse, extract and interpret large data
  • Use data to investigate problems, detect patterns and extrapolate insights.
  • Develop data structures and pipelines to organise, collect and standardise data
  • Perform data preparation in order to reduce and shape data Clean and validate data and assure its integrity, accuracy, completeness, and uniformity
  • Test data mining models to select the most appropriate one for use on a project
  • Adhere to stringent quality assurance and documentation standards using version control and code repositories
  • Cross-validate models to ensure their generalizability
  • Assess the effectiveness of data sources and data-gathering techniques to improve data collection methods
  • Prepare analytical findings, results and reports using data visualisation techniques.
  • Effectively structure and plan projects, timelines, and deliverables, working with the Senior and/or Lead Scientist to weigh any business and technical trade-offs
  • Conduct research from which to develop prototypes and proof of concepts
  • Share insights across teams to inform collaborative efforts
  • Stay updated on the latest research and developments in Data Science and adjacent fields to ensure the latest technology, techniques and methods are always applied

DesiredExperience & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Information Technology, Information Systems or a related field – (essential).
  • 4+ years’ experience in a Data Scientist or similar role with solid experience applying machine learning, deep learning, data mining and mathematical and/or statistical methodology to support business objectives – (essential).
  • Knowledge of SQL, Python and data science toolkits – (essential). 
  • Proficiency in MS Office 365 with well-developed Excel skills – (essential).
  • Exposure to delivering project outcomes using design thinking, lean and agile principles
  • Experience in a retail, commercial or IT environment 



We receive an overwhelming response to our adverts and it is not possible for us to speak to each applicant.  Therefore, your CV will be doing your talking, so please make sure your CV and introduction clearly shows how you match the requirements of this role.

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